Earthdawn: Twilight

>>>>OOC: Health After Terror (slug guy)

OOC: What are people’s current health at? Nova has some recovery tests to make and can also absorb some people’s physical damage… in a way, I can kinda do a limited sort of healing. How close are you to unconciousness? – M


OOC I’m a hot mess. I have 1 wound and am at 32 damage. My unconscious rating is 46 and I have spent all my recovery tests. Help would be appreciated since I won’t last more than a round or 2 if we have to go back into combat. -C.


OOC I’m at 35 damage, 2 wounds, no more recovery and my current unconscious rating is 39 :P



Ok, since you two responded first, you two are the winners!! I will get myself up as healthy as I can, then use my ability once on each of you to get you into the best condition I can. Also, I think that the troll still had at least one healy potion to use on himself, to get him back up a bit after the whole “dying” thing…

Sprite – Do you trust me to roll myself at home for these tests and record the numbers here for these actions? ;) I need to make sure to swap out my dice after last session’s continual incredible dice FAIL.


OOC: Go ahead and make the rolls. I need to look up some online dice rolling program we can use, but don’t have time right now.


OOC: Due to a snafu when creating my character, I had to trash some talents so I had leftover points to spend. I boosted my durability (to a more appropriate step) so now I’m not in as dire straights as I thought. My uncon rating is now 70 and my death rating is 85. Maybe you should heal Berianne instead.


OOC: Ok, I’ll do as you wish. So… (drum roll)... Kev gets back 9 health points and Grem gets back 12.<<<<


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