Earthdawn: Twilight

110 Angry Cultists, dozens of insane constructs, a crispy dead Horror, and our Party

Now what?

Following this post: Dialogue between Daksa and a guard while trapped in the cage

Tobias Armiger calmly brushes dirt off his prison clothes and speaks to the group,”That thing left us exhausted and wounded. That makes our situation… interesting. We probably cannot take on the T’skrang tribe in a direct fight, so we’ll need to try something a bit more sneaky.”

Tobias looks up from his clothes, takes a deep breath and addresses the Windling spirit, “Would you please see if anyone is approaching us from outside this cave. Take note on how armed and angry they may be. And try not to be seen.”

Back to the group, “We need to find Kylin, our effects, and the items in our charge. I could summon spirits to try to get them for us, but it may take time we do not have. Who knows what the T’skrang will do now that the Bloatform is dead. So the big question which lies before us is now what?”


Daksa: “I agree we need to be sneaky to get out of here. This clan has betrayed us once. If I were at full strength, I would happily dispense with the full traitorous lot of them. But alas, I’m bleeding all over. Perhaps we send the stealthiest among us to retrieve our belongings and find Kylin, while the rest of us try to secure the boat for our escape. Does the boat still seem like the best way out?”


The ghostly windling returns. “The t’skrang seem to be rallying near the boat. Several of them have brought their chief out of the boat, and are carrying him on a makeshift litter. He seems to be directing them this way. Their auras are not always clear, but they do not seem angry or intent on war. Some of them showed signs of elatement and excitement, others signs of sorrow and despair.”


Daksa says, “Hmmm. I had my suspicions these people were under the control of the horror. It made a mental link with a few of us and spoke to me in my own head, an experience I’d like to forget. But they have betrayed us once, something I will never forget. I propose setting up a magical barrier between us and them in the narrow cave hallway so we can talk to them and discover their intentions with no physical risk before letting the barrier down. Is this something you can do, Armiger or Dule?”


Nova looks over at the Boulder Gate that blocks the path. “I think we should first close that down to provide cover from those screaming constructs. They hurt and both Daksa and I are without armor, not to mention my threaded weapon is still missing.” She then performs her talent for absorbing damage on both Daksa and Armiger, knicking her arm on her borrowed Star Shield sword, she grimaces slightly as she mixes her blood with theirs, gripping them tightly as she shoulders the pain of some of their wounds. Standing, she brushes off the thin clothing she has on, picks up the Star Shield sword, and adjusts the straps on the shield. “As far as those t’skrang, I am looking forward to having a bit of a word with them.” She spits on the ground.


Tobias winces once from the pain of his wounds then regains his composure, “Thank you Nova. Now let us prepare.”

Tobias walks to each adventurer and casts Shadow Meld on them (already slotted in enhanced from last game) taking the time to recast if necessary. With all of the party thoroughly stealthed, he casts the spell on himself.

We walks over to the boulder gate and makes sure it is closed and secure. He begins to move towards the cave entrance, “Now lets have a quick word with the chief and discover his intentions before the tribe corners us here. I will be at the mouth of the cave if you want to listen in.”

Armiger hastily walks to the cave entrance taking care to remain in the shadows. Once the T’skrang chieftain enters his line of sight, Tobias casts Silent Converse (was also slotted, range: 100 yards) on the leader, and addresses him in a kindly whispered tone. Though quiet he allows any nearby allies to listen in.

“Chieftain of the Forgotten. Slave to the Blighted. Your intentions to have us as It’s sacrifice has failed. Your horrid master was slayed by our hands and It’s ruin was left in flames. Now we set our eyes upon you, our once captor and tormentor now a free namegiver.”

“Tell me with a whisper, Is this a time of celebration for a people now liberated from chains? Or do you seek a retribution on the ones who destroyed your former enslaver?”


Daksa follows Tobias to listen in, feeling a sudden and overwhelming surge of good cheer. Daksa is so entranced by the strange spell cast on her that is she is barely listening to the creepy conversation taking place and is instead thoroughly enjoying darting her hand in and out of shadow.


Nova selects the best position available from which to ambush and impale the pale T’skrang from the shadows, especially the leader. Only if needed, of course, if needed…


The Chieftain motions for the t’skrang carrying him to stop and set the litter down. He struggles to his feet, feebly raises his staff, and cries out in a croaky voice, “Maybe you have slain the horror, and silenced it’s voice. Or maybe not! This may yet be some foul trick, another lie from the twisted lips of Evenfall folk. Similar lies lured our people here, with promises of refuge, only to find the kaer doors locked and bolted! Your lies forced us to take shelter from the Long Night in these forsaken caverns! Your lies put us at the mercy of this horror, forced us to surrender our young, our brothers, our sisters! Your lies are responsible for this! So even if you have slain the horror - if - you still have much blood and suffering to atone for. You have still not earned our trust! We demand vengeance! We demand retribution! We demand that you pay for your lies with blood! We—”

The chieftain stops his rant mid-sentence, shocked to find a spear protruding from his chest, apparently thrown from behind him. The t’skrang all around react with shock, taking a step back. one of the t’skrang warriors boldly steps forward, pulls a spear from the hands of one of the others, and swings it forcefully, striking the chieftain solidly in the head. The old t’skrang crumples to the ground. The other t’skrang takes the spear and drives it into the fallen leader’s neck. Many of the t’skrang cry out in shock and confusion, but no one interferes. The chieftain gurgles and dies.

The killer pulls the spear up, steps forward, and throws the spear down. He yells out, in very broken Throalic, “No more blood! No more killing! If you, truly, have slain the horror that has cursed us, we offer only our forgiveness and our deepest thanks!” He then sprawls forward, prostrating himself in your direction.

The other t’skrang look at each other in confusion and dismay for several long seconds, then slowly many of them begin to put down their weapons and bow or prostrate themselves in your direction as well.


This is a change in events that Nova was not anticipating. She shifts slightly in the shadows, sword still at the ready, though satisfied that the leader who betrayed her trust is now bleeding out on the ground.

“Bring my weapon!” Nova calls out to the t’skrang. “Your slug horror is dead. Now that your leader that shamefully betrayed us is also dead, perhaps there are ways you can make amends.” She then tiptoes through the shadows to a new position, so that the sound of her voice won’t betray her exact location.


OOC: This seems like the perfect place to pick up again in person this Sunday! Yay! We progressed the story on the internets.

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