Earthdawn: Twilight

Come with me if you want (your friend) to live...

After feeling as though they’d worn their welcome out in the tavern, the group reconvenes in the barn, meeting up with Armiger to hear what he discovered. They all trade information on Iopos.

Among the more important things learned:
  • The Demeristas are the ruling family, but they are still governed by Therons
  • Uhl is the head of the Demerista family, is a human, and has been ruling for over 300 years (eww…)
  • Many of the former guild leaders, who would be great allies in the resistance, are currently being held in the prison.
  • The prison is located directly above the kaer.
  • Adepts are rounded up and arrested
  • The secret police are called Holders of Trust

2 hours later, Louvin has still not returned and the group grows concerned. They decide to go to the market district in search of blacksmiths, assuming this is where Louvin was headed. They split up into less noticeable groups and stagger their exits into the street. Chert and Daksa leave first and almost immediately notice the namegiver Daksa was plying with drinks earlier. He sees them and makes a B-line right for them, holding some sort of concealed weapon and looking considerably more sober than he should. Hoping to make him reconsider an attack, Daksa calls out cheerily to him, at which point he becomes very conspiratorial and pleas with Daksa to keep quiet. As he passes them, he whispers under his breath, “Your friend has been arrested. If you want him alive, follow me.” Naturally, they follow, while tipping the others off to this event. Armiger and Nova blend into the shadows while Beasly, Dule, and Kylin follow at an appropriate distance. They wind through some alleys until the mysterious stranger enters a side door to a tavern. Daksa and Chert wait for the others to catch up and enter once Armiger and Nova go around to enter through the front. A large troll (?) waiting inside the side door motions for them to go to the dark corridor to the left. Instead, they decide to all meet up at the bar and when Daksa and Chert finally go back to the troll, he says they are too late and the man they were following has already left. Daksa then successfully distracts him and Armiger, Beasly and Kylin (who has been unceremoniously stuffed into Beasly’s inside coat pocket) sneak past him into the shadows of the corridor to follow the stranger.

Meanwhile, Daksa bribes the troll with a healing potion and he tips her off to an imminent raid. They immediately exit through the side door, only to find Chert the target of a crossbow. Chert is surprisingly frozen by this for an instant while Daksa takes the opportunity to hide behind some crates. Chert recovers and runs off, but suddenly disappears into the rock wall down the alley. Nova and Dule then run out and Nova is also shocked by the crossbow, frozen where she stands. Dule is forced to the ground, but makes short work of the 3 Holders of Trust as they are suddenly distracted and looking around, say things such as “Look at the pretty colors!” and “Ooh…shiny!” Nova finally comes out of her trance and promptly robs the one that pointed the crossbow at her. The 4 run off when they hear horses approaching and stealthily head back to the barn, hoping their comrades inside the tavern are still okay. They arrive just in time to see the pale T’skrang being rounded up and taken off by the Holders of Trust. Dule impersonates one of the Holders and confirms the tavern owner as the informant.

Beasly’s skills as a theif are put to the test as she disarms many traps and picks many locks to finally get to the back room, where they hear muffled voices. They sneak into the room just as the namegivers are opening a secret passage. By some miracle, they are able to leap in behind them before the door closes and without being noticed. Our heroes pursue them unnoticed until they end up in the sewers and cannot pursue them any longer without being spotted. Beasly cries out, “Hello!” and the the 3 Iopans freeze, confused and frightened. After a few tense moments, Armiger is able to convince them they come in peace and are looking for the stranger they followed. They surrender their weapons and are blindfolded and taken to the him. The resistance fighters explain that some prisoners are turned into zombies and they have some help on the inside, but only at the lowest levels. They discuss the resistance and their former guild leaders being held in prison. They believe the Therons and Demeristas are working with/for one or more horrors in the kaer. They agree to help the heroes break their friend out of the prison. Beasly, Armiger and Kylin truthfully tell them about the Evenfall kaer and how they escaped. The heroes decide to find the rest of their friends before attempting a breakout. Luckily Kylin can track all of them down!



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