Earthdawn: Twilight

Dialogue between Daksa and a guard while trapped in the cage

Daksa relates (in great detail, complete with voice imitation) the conversation she had with a guard while trapped in the cage before the horror materialized.

Daksa: “There must be some mistake! This is not the way to treat your brethren!”

Guard: “Tell that to your people. They were supposed to wait for us before the kaer closed. But they left our clan out here to rot and be eaten by the horrors. You’re getting what’s coming to you.”

Daksa: “My people are being made slaves as we speak. Let me make things right by my T’skrang ancestors. Let me kill these horrors for you!”

Guard: “Then the Passions have cursed them as they should be. You’ll appease the horror for us. We’ve survived this way for centuries.”

Daksa: “We’ll see how long you survive when i come for you, fiend!”


Nova gives a hearty laugh at the fine tale of heroism told by Daksa!


Tobias on hearing the news, “Well played Daksa. The desperation of these people have driven them to madness. And made them most certainly… bitter… I wonder how they will react to the death of whats been terrorizing them for so many centuries. Maybe their disposition regarding us will change more positively knowing we brought on it’s demise.”

Tobias turns to the Windling spirit aka Jackie, “You’ve been trapped in this mountain for a long time as well. Do you know anything about this lost clan of T’Skrang? Or why they were locked out of the Kaer? What about the Bloatform?”


The windling gives Armiger a blank look. “I’ve never seen anything like these T’skrang before, though they do sort of remind me of this yummy type of white caterpillar that we windlings found very tasty.” She pauses for a moment, relishing thoughts of what eating was once like. Armiger snaps his fingers and breaks her reverie. Regaining her thoughts, she says, “I have never seen that horrific slug monster before, either, and I prefer not to think about it again.”


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