Windling Scout


6th circle Archer

dex 19/8, str 7/4, tou 9/4, per 19/8, wil 16/7, cha 10/5

defenses: phy 13, spell 10, soc 6 armor: phy 3 mystic 7 initiative 8, karma 32 of 36

talents missile weapons 16 karma ritual 6 mystic aim 14 throwing weapons 14 true shot 14 direction arrow 14 anticipate blow 14 thread weaving 14 stopping aim 14 bank shot 14
avoid blow 15 flame arrow 15 speak language 10 tracking 11 durability 4 silent walk 14

skills creature lore 10 woodworking 6 alchemy 16 speak thoralic/windling, read/write thoralic


At long last, freedom to explore the world! Kylin has long awaited the day the doors to the kaern would be opened, and with it the wide world outside. Still stunned at the horrific way it transpired, she is nonetheless determined to make the most of this opportunity to go out and encounter a wealth of new experiences.

Once an idea or desire pops into her head, she pursues it nearly single-mindedly to completion. A never-sated curiosity often drives her. Full of optimism and cheer, she cherishes freedom and hopes to discover a way to free her kaern. While her arrows may be small, they pack a punch with the help of poisoned tips. From the same knowledge of poison-making comes healing potions and poultices as well. She has an intense dislike of water and rain. Wet wings are the worst!

While her hair and complexion change based on her surroundings after time, her eyes always seem to be a dancing shade of gray. She keeps her hair out of her face with an artful handmade lattice-work of the vines. leaves, and twigs of her favorite plant of the moment.


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