Evenfall Region

Evenfall is the northernmost city in a city-state confederation known as Selene. It is nestled in a valley among the small Evenfall mountain range, through which the Serpent River passes, a major trading thoroughfare.

The nearest sister city is Jerris, several hundred kilometers to the southwest, nestled between forests and jungle. To the north are the lands of Selestrea and Shosara. To the west are massive, dark forests leading to the tribal lands of Vasgothia. To the east is the independent city-state of Iopos, a rival to Evenfall. Further east still is the mysterious Wyrm Wood and its Witch Queen, Alachia. To the southeast, along the Serpent River, is the Scol region and unfriendly t’skrang clans and trollmoots. Further southeast lies Kratas, one of the wealthiest trading centers in the region.

Throalic is the common language in these areas, though many other languages are spoken. You are all familiar with the names of nearby, but still far-off, lands such as Scytha, Throal, Sarcosa, Syrtis, Landis, Utrecht, and Travar. You are also familiar with the Theran Empire, a major force in the region though its capital is far distant.

Evenfall and Selene as a whole were progressive in terms of social values. Selene society was multi-species, women were roughly equal citizens, and slavery was outlawed. In many other areas, slavery was tolerated if not an integral part of the economy. In neighboring Iopos, women are considered inferior. In others, prejudice towards particular Namegiver species is not uncommon.

All of this is pre-Scourge of course.

Evenfall Region

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