Daksa Bhuji

A flashy swordmaster whose concern in battle is honor, courage and style.



DEX: 19_step 8

STR: 14_step 6

TOU: 14_step 6

PER: 16_step 7

WIL: 14_step 6

CHA: 16_step 7

Defense: PHY: 10 SPELL: 9 SOC: 9

Armor: Crystal Ringlet PHY: 4 MYSTIC: 6

Iniative: step 6

Karma MAX: 28 Karma CURRENT: 23

Blood Magik: 3 Death Rating: 57 Wound Threshold: 16 Unconscious Rating: 46

Current Damage: 32 Current Wounds: 1

Insanity Rating: 36 Catatonia Rating: 28 Trauma Threshold: 10

Current Stress: 16 Current Stress Wounds: 1 (intense mood swings)

Legend Awards: Current: 20,900 Total: 70,900


An adept swordmaster, she values honor and courage in battle over all other traits, expect perhaps style. Her personality is as flashy as her wardrobe, which is always complimentary to her fiery red and orange complexion. She is proud to be one of a few T’skrang from her kaer and is always eager to meet more T’skrang. Maybe a little too eager. She is an expert seamstress and will take any opportunity to give a comrade a makeover. She would rather be naked than wear dirty and unseemly rags. She is always concerned with her physical appearance and fancies herself quite attractive, but no one has ever seen her romantically linked to anyone.

She is the first to jump into adventure, hoping to have her tale written in the legendary stories of her time. She frowns upon cowardice and unsportsmanlike conduct in battle and loses trust in anyone she deems as dishonorable. She will willingly sacrifice herself for the greater good, assured that her heroic act will live on forever.

Daksa Bhuji

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